Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Copps Wednesday Double-Day Deal Plan

It's that time of the week again.  The grocery store I shop at, Copps, has double coupon day every Wednesday, so naturally I only shop there on Wednesdays (except for the occasional gallon milk on a Sunday morning).  If you are not a Copps shopper, let me explain their rules for double day:
  • You have to ring up at least $25 (before coupons, tax, etc)
  • Only your first 5 coupons are doubled
  • They only double coupons up to $1, and only up to the full amount of the item.
Now that you know that, here are the deals I have planned out for tomorrow

Transcation 1
(8) General Mills Cereals (on sale for $2.50)
+ 8 GM Cereal coupons (5 of them will double) for a total of $11.25 in coupon savings
+ plus you get a $4 off next order coupon when you buy 8
(3) Kraft BBQ Sauce (on sale for $1, free after $1 printable coupon from KraftFoods.com
(2) Kraft Salad Dressing (on sale for $1, free after $1 printable coupon from KraftFoods.com)

OOP = ~$9 + tax
Receive = $4 off next check out
Final Cost = $5 + tax

Transaction 2
(2) Post TrailMix Crunch Cereals (on sale for $2.25)
+ $2 off 1 internet printable from SS
+ Doubled $1 off 1 clipped from previous sunday paper
= only 50 cents plus tax for 2 boxes of cereal!!
(10) Creamette Pasta (on sale $1 each)
(2) Kraft BBQ Sauce (on sale for $1, free after $1 printable coupon from KraftFoods.com
(3) Kraft Salad Dressing (on sale for $1, free after $1 printable coupon from KraftFoods.com
(1) Windex Antibacterial Spray 
+ free with MIB rebate from 5/10 SS
+ $0.80 money maker with doubled 40 cents off 1 coupon in same ad (5/10 SS)
(2) Dawn Dishsoap (on sale for $1, plus 2x $0.50/1 from P&G "Home Made Simple" booklet)

Total: $13.49 + tax
Use $4 from first transaction, now
OOP = $9.49 + tax
Mail in Rebate = $3.29
Final Cost = $6.20 + tax

Transaction 3
(1) Gallon of Milk
(1) Strawberries (on sale $1.50 per carton)
(1) 3 lb bag of Apples ($0.99 with coupon clipped from this week's Copps ad)
(1) bunch of Bananas
(2) Edy's Ice Cream (on sale 2/$5)
(1) 2 lbs boneless, skinless Chicken Breast (on sale $1.89/lb)
(2) Dreamfields Low Carb Pasta (BOGO plus doubled $1 off internet printable coupon)
(1) Windex Antibacterial Spray 
+ free with MIB rebate from 5/10 SS
$0.80 money maker with doubled 40 cents off 1 coupon in same ad (5/10 SS)

I am leaving this last transaction open ended, as I may or may not work in a few more items:
  • more Kraft BBQ Sauce & Salad Dressing (Free with printable coupons)
  • 4 Sally Hansen Nail Polish - I want to get these for my fiancee (because I have a bunch of $1 off coupons from the K-mart Spring Savings booklets), but I will have to see if they are a good deal or not when I get to the store.
My plan is to do the first 2 transactions in the morning before work (I'm glad Copps opens at 6am!) and then do the 3rd one on my way home.  I'll be sure to update my blog tomorrow night so you know how things turned out :)

- Mister Deals

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